Thanks for your interest in testing The Purple Crochet Patterns.

The Patterns

  • Most of the patterns will be Tunisian crochet patterns. Some will be Tunisian in the Round while others will be in regular/flat Tunisian crochet patterns.
  • Patterns will include hats, shawls, home décor and more.
  • Patterns may or may not be part of a kit. If the pattern is part of the kit, I will let you know so that we can maintain the secrecy of the pattern.
  • Also, if the pattern is for a publication, I will give you a heads up to maintain secrecy as well.
  • Depending on the pattern, there may be video tutorials. Please watch the video and include your feedback in the notes.
  • Pattern may or may not be tech edited.
  • Please do not share pattern or pattern information outside the tester chat. Thank you.

The Application

  • Filling out this application does not guarantee that you'll be chosen to test.
  • There will be a separate application for each test. I will send out an email for each test and those who apply for the test will be considered.
  • Please consider the deadline and make sure you have or can get all the materials required for the test you’re applying for.

Left-Handed Crocheters

  • You are very welcome to apply to test.
  • If needed, my patterns will have notes for left-handed crocheters and pictures as well. Please note that some stitches or patterns may not require a separate instruction for left-handed crocheters.
  • Please include feedback about the left-handed instructions and the videos.


  • Your feedback is a necessary and important part of the testing process.
  • Please make sure to go over the pattern diligently with a critical eye and make notes as needed.
  • I will send a feedback form after all the testers have been chosen. Please fill out the form as much as you can. There will be a place for notes on each section of the pattern.
  • Please send well-lit progress and finished pictures via email or DM on Instagram


  • The best way to reach me is via email:
  • If needed, there we will have a chat group on IG where we can share suggestions and such.

If the above sounds good to you, please fill out the application form.

Thank you!

Kind regards,