Hi, Welcome to The Purple Crochet!

I'm Morolape and I love to create beautiful things out of yarn.

The Purple Crochet was born out of a desire to share colorful handmade crochet pieces with as many people as possible. Each piece you will see has been made with a passion for crochet, knitting, and a love of color.   

I have been crocheting since I was seven years old, and I learned to knit during my third pregnancy. During that time, I found out about Knit for kids and I was inspired to make crochet and knit items not only for my kids but for kids in need around the world. I am grateful that I can  give back while doing what I love. It has been a wonderful experience and I'm glad to be able to share this journey with you.

My husband and I have three children and we are a homeschooling family. :) 

You can always find me around the house with a hook, some yarn and a good movie 😊 

Have a look around and find something that makes you happy...