Welcome & Introduction Part II

Hello there and welcome to Part II of the introduction to In The Round; A blog by The Purple Crochet. Thank you for hanging out with me. Let's get back into the story, shall we? In case you missed it, you can read the first part of my intro here.

So now I'm hooked on tunisian right, no problem. I'm also making and testing beautifully written knit beanie patterns for my friend, Lanre of Laknitsapparel. I told her about how I was enjoying the Tunisian Crochet Along (TCal) and how I would love to write a pattern, so she encouraged me to go for it and I did.

With trembling excitement and equal nervousness, I wrote the pattern, sent it out to testers (of course, Lanre was one of my testers. Thank you, my friend😍), and then published the pattern. That was it!


A whole new world had opened up, I could design and write patterns now. It was also very exciting until I realized that I wanted to design tunisian crochet hats and get this, in the round. I know! 😂After much research, I realized I would have to think differently about it and thus In The Round was born!

I have loved learning about Tunisian in the round and I plan to learn so much more before my time is up. On this blog, I will share projects, patterns and much more. Will you join me on this journey? It is sure to be an exciting experience. Thank you for reading, see you next time and as always,

Happy Crafting!💕


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