Welcome & Introduction- Part I

A big hello and a hearty welcome to In The Round; A blog by The Purple Crochet. I thought and thought about what to name this blog and In The Round seemed fitting, you'll see why in a minute 😉.

My name is Morolape (moe-row-lah-pay) I'm the maker and designer at The Purple Crochet. I learned to crochet when I was 7 years old and my love for crochet has grown over the years. With each pregnancy, I loved crocheting a little more, and then with the third & last one, I learned to knit and I was pretty happy with that.

In 2020, I got a glimpse of tunisian crochet and I was intrigued. I watched a few how-to videos on tunisian simple stitch, tunisian knit stitch and I was a little more intrigued until I took part in a tunisian crochet along (TCAL) hosted by Toni of TL Yarncrafts and then I was done! 😄 I was completely hooked on tunisian and that's all she wrote! 😁😁

Nice story huh? Yeah but that doesn't tell how I got hooked on Tunisian In The Round. Now, that's another story for another day. Thank you for reading.
See you next time and as always,

Happy Crafting! 💕


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Thank you, Carol. I appreciate your comment. Toni is such an inspiration! I hope this blog and the tutorials are helpful as you learn more about Tunisian crochet. Enjoy the process! You’ve got this! 🙌😄



So glad I found you.
Bet Toni is as well. Isn’t she wonderful.
Anyway, dear lady, I will sign off…as a,
Lefty who LOVES Tunisian and still has so-o-o much to learn.

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