Cana Earwarmer Pattern: A Tunisian in the Round Pattern

Hello there! It's story time on the blog today so grab a cuppa and let's chat!

This week, I launched my very first kit in collaboration with Malabrigo yarns and Denise interchangeables. I've looked forward to this and I'm so grateful for the love and support from you all. Thank you! 

So while I'm packing kit orders over here I thought I'd share some thoughts on how I named the Earwarmer patterns.

It all started with my very first pattern, The Bethel Earwarmer 

Bethel is a place in the bible where ordinary people like Abraham and Jacob got a second chance or maybe even a new start. This struck a cord with me as I never considered that I would design patterns and the fact that I was able to, really encouraged me hence the name, Bethel. It was a new start for The Purple Crochet.

After that, I started thinking about other places in the bible, the meanings, what happened there, and so on. I figured it would be good to do some research and maybe add an element or two to my patterns. That's it! 😄😄
The Cana Earwarmer was named after the wedding at Cana, the place where Jesus did His first miracle by turning water into wine. Cana also means 'zeal.' It took quite a bit of effort for me to understand Tunisian in the Round. I had to understand it because I wanted to make Tunisian crochet beanies and seaming sides together with regular Tunisian wasn't working for me.

After much practice, the Cana Earwarmer pattern was born and I'm completely chuffed to share it with you! 😄😍

Check out my shops for the Cana Earwarmer Kit and pattern.
Thanks for reading! 💕

📷 Cana Earwarmer Pattern. Pattern & Kit available in the shop.
Yarn: @Malabrigo Chunky in Frank Ochre

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