Berean Earwarmer Pattern

Happy Friday!!😊

This week went by fast! right? Thank you all so much for coming out to support me and my kits. I'm truly grateful.

This week I've been sharing about naming the patterns. In my last posts, I shared about the Cana & Lystra patterns. Last but not least is the Berean Earwarmer.

This pattern is worked using the most basic of Tunisian stitches; the Tunisian Simple Stitch. This is the first stitch that most people learn when entering the world of Tunisian crochet. It is the first one I learned. It is also the stitch you see and go, '...Yeah, that's Tunisian crochet.' 

The Tunisian simple stitch is distinct and quite sturdy. It can be used in the construction of anything from hats to scarves & shawls, sweaters, and of course, ear warmers. The vertical bars in this stitch line up so beautifully that it is hard not to get sucked in. 

The name Berean comes from a group of people in the book of Acts. These people were credited for not taking what they heard at face value. They always went back and did their research before they allowed themselves to believe or absorb whatever information was given to them. In their case, it was preaching. Someone would preach about God to them and they would go back and search the Scriptures to confirm that what was said was actually true. Or not.

This relates to the Berean earwarmer pattern in that, if you take the time to learn and practice the Tunisian simple stitch, you can work almost any Tunisian stitch. Most other Tunisian stitches are a variation of the simple stitch and are worked in reference to the simple stitch. 

So also for our world today, we can be diligent in taking the time to check things out. Before you absorb certain information into your head & heart, check it out. This isn't to tell everyone what's true or false, it's for you; for your mind & thoughts because they shape who we are; this is one way to be intentional about it.

 Thanks for reading!💕


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